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April 7, 2023

Murekatete and Minani- How their family was restored after five years of disputes

Ruth Murekatete resides in Kageyo sector in Gicumbi District. Married to Jean Claude Minani for nearly five years, she was initially drawn to his caring and understanding nature. However, as time progressed, their relationship took an unexpected turn. While Murekatete anticipated occasional misunderstandings between couples, she never imagined that basic responsibilities toward their family, especially their children, would be neglected.

Despite having children together, Murekatete was dismayed to find that her husband showed little involvement in their care.

“Throughout our marriage, my husband neglected to provide health insurance for our children or contribute to household needs,” she recounts.

This lack of responsibility led to ongoing conflict until Murekatete decided to seek assistance from local authorities.

Despite attempts at mediation, their unhappiness persisted. However, Murekatete’s fortunes changed when she discovered Haguruka and its family dispute resolution services. Seeking help from Haguruka’s legal office, mediation was initiated. Fortunately, the intervention yielded swift results. Murekatete’s husband agreed to fulfill his obligations within the household.

“Claude promptly acknowledged his responsibilities. He committed to providing for our family, pledging to purchase school supplies for the children, including shoes, notebooks, and pens. Additionally, he agreed to cover the costs of health insurance through Mutuelle de Santé,” she shares.

Thanks to the intervention of Haguruka, harmony has been restored in the home of Murekatete and Minani, with both parties now fulfilling their respective responsibilities.




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