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February 8, 2023

Ngirimana on gender equality lessons, its role in building a peaceful family

When Alex Ngirimana, a resident of Nyanza district, completed serving his Gacaca imprisonment sentence, coming back home and integrating into his family and society was a challenge.

Conflicts between him and the wife arose over the use of their property, especially land. He even went to the extent of beating his wife claiming that the property was his and no one else had the right to use it.

What had caused chaos was that his wife had sold some items, something she says she did in order to take care of the family as he was still in prison, but Ngirimana didn’t want to hear any of it.

When things started getting out of hand, the wife sought legal aid support from Haguruka. After taking part in the different dialogues during mobile legal clinics, she was asked to invite her husband and attend the following day for legal mediation meeting.

During the dialogues, the couple was taught about economic gender based violence and its implication to the development of the family.

The teachings were a process that eventually yielded results, because after a number of dialogues, Ngirimana affirmed to be aware of gender equality and women’s rights in the family. They both hence agreed to settle their conflicts amicably saying that it was ignorance that had caused the conflicts in the first place.


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