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July 13, 2023

Reinforcing community capacity for social cohesion and reconciliation through Societal Trauma Healing

Haguruka has been implementing  a programme entitled “Reinforcing community capacity for social cohesion and reconciliation through Societal Trauma Healing.”

This has been done in five Districts, namely: Nyagatare, Ngoma, Musanze, Nyabihu and Nyamagabe, from November 2021, Interpeace, in consortium with Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR), Dignity in Detention (DIDE) and in partnership with the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement (MINUBUMWE).

The four-year-programme, funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), uses a holistic and innovative approach aimed at simultaneously providing mental health services, advancing social cohesion, and promoting sustainable livelihoods among the targeted beneficiaries. These include genocide survivors, genocide penetrators (current and former/ released prisoners) and their families, youth, and local, grass root leaders.

The focus of the project is mental health, socio cohesion, and livelihood.

To ensure the success and effectiveness of the program, consultative meetings were held with government institutions such as MINUBUMWE, Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), Mayors and other senior officials in each of the 5 Districts as well Community-Based Organisations to present the programme and gather their inputs.

This was also meant to help the programme to strategize on which actors to engage to support the implementation, as well as identification of capacity gaps they may have that the programme can help address.

One of the tools used in the implementation of the program is RCT- MULTIFAMILY-a healing space (A family-based healing approach for restoring relationships within and across families.

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