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March 28, 2023

The healing of a troubled relationship between mother and daughter

Uwimbabazi got pregnant when she was a teenager. At the time, she was living with only her mother as her father had passed on. Her mother started mistreating her, abusing her verbally and even depriving her of food.

The situation worsened when Uwimbabazi gave birth. Her mother chased her and her child away despite knowing that they had nowhere else to go. Life became harsh for Uwimbabazi as she struggled daily to find what to eat and where to stay for the night.

After a while, Uwimbabazi attended community dialogues for teen mothers, that were conducted by Haguruka. During that time, she spoke to the lawyers of Haguruka about her issue with her mother and they recommended a mediation process.

Haguruka then invited Uwimbabazi and her mother and helped them to mutually resolve their conflict. Her mother understood her role and responsibility to her daughter in all situations and apologised to her for how unkind she had treated her. Uwimbabazi forgave her mother and reconciled with her.

From that day until now, they live together peacefully and Uwimbabazi’s mother supported her to go back to school.

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