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June 8, 2023

“The power of mediation” – Marlene’s story

Marlene and her husband had a case against someone. They were in court and fighting for justice; luckily they won the case and were given six million Rwandan Francs.

However, when they received the money, her husband refused to give her her share yet they had a plan of splitting it into half.

“My husband kept all the money to himself and even abandoned the family. He had put all the money on his account, I kept asking him to give me my share as I also had financial needs I wanted to meet at home, but he totally refused,” she says.

That is when she reported the case to Isange One Stop Centre. They received her case under the GBV department and oriented her to Haguruka.

“The legal department at Haguruka recommended a mediation process and invited me and my husband to help us mutually and peacefully resolve our conflict.”

Through mediation, her husband learnt that Marlene, as his wife, also had equal rights to their family property and depriving her of her rights was economic abuse.

“He then acknowledged his wrongdoings and apologized to me. He also went on and gave me my rightful share of the money. I got three million and he stayed with three million as well. We are now reconciled and he also returned home. Thanks to Haguruka.”

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