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We promote and defend the rights of women and children.




A society where the rights of women and children are respected; where women and children live free from violence and discrimination so that they can reach their full potential.


  • Donatille, As A Rwandan Woman Couldn’t Have Equal Rights on Family Properties Like his Husband, -Here’s Why?

    “Being abused and beaten by my husband was a daily routine since the day I got married; but then I found Haguruka, where I got all the help, I needed to overcome that hellish situation”. Donatille Said. Nowadays, in most African countries, women are still seen as childcarers, housewives, home-keepers and devoted wives. This very co

  • I Have Full Control of my Life

    GAHONGAYIRE Mediatrice,” before this program “I was a girl with no self-confidence and respect. I used to take and use some of the drugs which led me to bad behavior. I always had a conflict with my family because I did not like school and had no clear vision for my future. Basically, during the discussion, I have come to know and realize what people call gender equality and learnt about building a bright future and this had led me to figure out

  • There’s New Hope for my Family

    Nsengiyumva Innocent and Manirakiza Agnes live together for 12years and have 3 children. They had a conflict based on land and control over the harvest. Sengiyumva used to beat his wife Manirakiza if she says anything about her rights to the harvest. The couple attended the community dialogues. When Manirakiza was beaten up she was told to hide the physical rushes or say that she felt down. This couple was among the couples who were

  • Zilipa’s touching story

    Legal aid and representation can be difficult enough to obtain, even in the best circumstances. Finding someone to advocate for you, even when law is on your side, is not a reality for most of the world’s population. In hopes of finding her own advocate, Nyiranduhura zilipa walked for four hours every day from her house to Haguruka’s center in Musanze, Northern Province. She met a lawyer of Haguruka and she told her everything. After30 years of marriage, her husband brought another



With your support, we can put an end to injustice against women and children.


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