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Over the past few years, Haguruka’s staff members and Board member’s reflection meeting had played a big role in its journey towards achieving its mission of promoting and defending women and children’s rights. It is in this context that Haguruka has prepared a reflection meeting for its staff members and board of directors. And, this was scheduled so that the staff members can reflect back on their key achievements, performances, challenges they have faced as well as structuring and compiling action plans of the activities expected to be implemented in this year of 2019.

The reflection meeting was held on 15th February 2019 at Silent Hotel in Kayonza District. And, the majority of staff members had some presentations to deliver in relation to their respective departments.  Additionally, all Haguruka staff members were invited; including those who are based in the regional centers. The meeting was so productive since they had reached to all the expected outcomes including the clear set of actions plans for the activities to be implemented in this year of 2019, and even the meeting had left them with a common understanding on how to best and effectively put into practice all the recommendations gained from the meeting.

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